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The Acti-Labs Opportunity –

Why Join My Team?


I am a top leader with Acti-Labs dedicated to helping my entire team! We do not have targets here at Acti Labs, therefore, you have the freedom to earn as much or as little as you like without having your business closed for not making a sale. Of course, it takes work to build up a customer base and/or a team (we also do not require you to recruit if you do not wish to).


You earn on each and EVERY sale that you make from the offset, we do not have monthly quotas. So if you need to take a break from your business we will be there waiting for you with open arms on your return!


Our training is the best! We have a back office training hub with modules to suit everyone’s needs, personalised  corporate training sessions and a corporate support which has help available 24 hours a day!

What can I gain?

I work on the basis that everyone who wants to set their own income goal and work with me on achieving it is more than welcome to do so, however big or small that goal may be.

I love to help people with debts reduce and pay them off as quickly as possible as this is something I personally achieved with my work from home business in 2015.

I also love to help mums stay at home and people work towards taking partial or early retirement.

Whatever you want or need I am excited to help you achieve it!

We’re taking our comp plan and your business to another level! The information below outlines all of the Commissions and Bonuses available from our new Comp Plan effective January 1st 2018. You’ll see earning potential is not only much higher than ever before, but also simpler, more accessible, and importantly… in your own control!


but first ……. lemme take a selfie


Purple Croc Make Up Bag
Skyscraper Mascara
Blush Palette
Vendome 12 Piece Eyeshadow Palette
H’Eye Light
Mega Matte
Gel Eyeliner Pencil
Brow Wax
Express Refresh Dry Shampoo
Leave It Leave In Conditioner
Diamond Lustre Toothcream 




















There are several joining options in terms of heavily discounted kits, but also our Entrepreneur option for those not yet ready or able to buy a kit, making the opportunity more affordable. With the option to upgrade to a kit later.

PLUS! You also get a voucher to help you get off to the very best start with your business! Earning you free products so you can use them and share the Acti Love and show them off to potential clients!

What’s more, spending that voucher, you get paid for – win win!

Are you a selfie lover looking to start your own business?





Don’t forget that this also includes your voucher to spend on FREE Products! 

















Slim Bassador

You know how hard it can be to diet. You´ve felt those hunger pangs,
you´ve had your hard days.

Now, you can show people it doesn’t´t have to be this way. Loaded with your
little purple secret weapons you can help make your friends, family´s and
customers dieting easier, more fun and boost their results!


Join us today

It will be the best thing you will do all day


Body Sculptor

As a Body Sculpter you will soon be the talk of the town. You have the most sought after power,
the ability to sculpt the bodies of your friends, family and customers right
before their eyes.

Remember…… with Great Power comes Great Results! 

Acti-Ambsasdor Account
A Personal WebShop
Back Office
and everything below


















Join us today

It will be the best thing you will do all day


















Skin Thusiast

As a Skin-thusiast you will quickly become your local skincare super hero.
Saving customers skin from the inevitable elements and other problematic complaints
that haunt them.

They will think you´re the real Wonder Woman when you leave them
with Cosmeceutical skin care products at laboratory direct prices!


Join us today

It will be the best thing you will do all day


Hair Ologist

As a Hair-ologist, locks are your fortune.

You know the importance of investing time into your hair as after all, it´s the crown you
never take off. Capill-fuelled, you´ll have everything you need to rescue, revitalise
and accelerate the tresses of everyone you know.

Maybe your life isn´t perfect but your hair can be.


















Join us today

It will be the best thing you will do all day



















As an On-Trepreneur, you´re the ultimate online entrepreneur.

As long as you have your phone and a Wi-Fi connection,
you have all you need to build your empire.

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EMAIL : dionneludford@gmail.com

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