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Ok so whilst I’ve been in a bit of tiz with life, I haven’t really been keeping up to date with my blog 🤦🏻‍♀️.

I just want to quickly apologise to all the spam commenters who want to take over my blog and do it for me for a fee but that would take away the whole point of me having my own blog in the first place 🤣. I am me and always will be…

So when I started my home business, I literally took it on as a little hobby. And to help me to feel good! I had severe postnatal depression at the time, had just returned to work but from home so that I could balance the needs of my boys, particularly the then youngest but now middle child who was born with a lot of infant health problems.

I then went full throttle with my business and achieved great things in quite a short space of time. Then fell pregnant again and suffered ill health. I still continued to achieve great things and even qualified to attend the Leaders Retreat just a few short weeks after my youngest son was born. And my mission had become to not have to return to work at the day job at all!

Then the time came to start thinking about my final decision and I became a little scared! Why, I now don’t know, because after all this is what I had been working towards for some time. Part of it was the loyalty but I think mainly my life long fear of change!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the private company I worked for was having the contract I work for taken back by the local authority. They confirmed that on my transfer, I would no longer be able to work from home. Well that just made me decide there and then, so I quit my job!

You see, my children are my entire world. And I am not for one minute saying that a mum that goes out to work away from the home doesn’t love her kids, that’s exactly what I used to do after having our eldest child. But when you have a child that is complex and you need to be around more for them sometimes things become stressful.

So basically, to most people he appears to be a happy and healthy boy. Well he is a lot more healthy now than he was. We have combatted iron deficiency, he still has CMPA (Cows milk protein allergy) but his tolerance is a lot higher so he can have most things that contain milk, he just can’t tolerate drinking milk or having cream on dessert etc.

His happiness and worries are my main concern – ongoing. He worries about everything. He can’t stand being “alone” as he calls it, but at 4 he’s too young to even be left alone. He follows me around like a little lost sheep. He doesn’t like anyone else in our family home not being with us. And he has regular states of panic and crying. Several things have been discussed with the paediatricians but for now we see how he goes, because in all honesty I think they don’t have time to worry about my son because they are busy dealing with more serious things. The NHS is in crisis and despite me being at crisis point on a regular basis, all that matters is my children are happy and settled! Oh and his walking is still off. He still tip toes and falls over often, including when he bust his head open a few weeks ago and needed his head gluing. But there aren’t enough physiotherapists locally to keep him on their books. So I continue with his physio at home. We do think this is more of a habit than a physical problem, but the problem is the more he does this the more the ligaments shorten in his legs, so it’s a viscous cycle trying to undo the damage that has been done each day.

But, being a cup half full type of person, I look around me and I have friends whose son has a life limiting illness and each year at this time he gets so very poorly and ends up in hospital. My friend also had a baby last week. She nearly died and so did her baby. Her baby is still in the ICU. So I appeal to any moaners about life where it really isn’t justified, think about how tough things really could be and pray for those worse off than yourself because there really is a lot of them!

Anyway, I’ve done a full week of being a complete stay at home mum without having to think about going out to work for someone else. Do you know what I’m absolutely loving it!

I feel free! I have the freedom to choose what I do and when. My kids are happy and settled and the middle boy keeps saying he’s happy now he knows I don’t have to go back. But I’m allowed to work my business because they let me stay at home and recommend my magic green cream 🤣.

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard work keeping up with a toddler that thinks he’s a Jack Russell dog or a chimpanzee most of the time but it’s all good fun! And I get to spend my time that I am working with lovely people. Well I did before because I worked with a wonderful office crew but at least I didn’t leave that to work with awful people!

Whatever you dream of doing, put plans in place and make it happen! Life is way too short! And if you can find a job that that you love, you will never work another day in your whole life!

Thanks for reading folks, love and best wishes, Dionne xxx

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