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Hey everyone! I hope when you read this you are having an awesome and great day!

Ok, so I decided to write an article about over saturation in the MLM industry.

If you are a network marketer involved in Multi Level Marketing, you may or may not have heard of the phrase “Over Saturated”.

But what does it actually mean? Well I first heard the phrase as we were launching Acti Labs into the USA. All I was told by people wanting to join the opportunity from other MLM companies was “I am with so and so but they are Over Saturated”.

At this point, I was actually too embarrassed to ask because it was a term I had never heard of before. So I did some research and found that it actually means in short “too many reps!”.

Fast forward just over two years from when we launched Acti Labs in the USA and then prepared for the launch in Canada, I get asked often…. “how many reps in my State?” Or even here in the UK, “are there any in my town?”.

I am going to be completely honest here (you know me, honesty is always the best policy!)”. I completely don’t understand the relevance of how many Acti Labs ambassadors are in a particular State, Province or County. The truth is, despite Acti Labs being a very well established company, we have only been in the Direct Sales industry for a few years.

There hasn’t been time for over saturation!

Let’s think about some of the older longer established businesses in MLM. The ones that have been around for years, even when my Grandparents were young… are they Over Saturated? NO!

Just like any corporate business, staff come and go. And so do representatives and ambassadors. Also, what about the people who sign up to a business opportunity but do nothing with it? Or they only order for themselves. Or they only take orders from a very small community of friends and family. Am I going to be reluctant to take on a new ambassador in their area? Hell no!

Everyone has friends and family and connections. It’s whether they decide to market their products to those people or not, and then grow their network and provide a good service, adding value that decides whether or not someone is going to really be mega at sales or not. So just because on Facebook you see Auntie Connie, and your neighbours sister promoting a mascara or lipstick doesn’t mean that your local market is over saturated.

Since 2016 when we were launching in the USA I have learned that in Network Marketing a lot of self professed big leaders use a tactic by approaching people who are in a company different to theirs. They then drop on them “your market is Over Saturated!” I’ve had this dropped on me too many times. And whilst I am flattered that these people are obviously desperate to recruit me, I know the truth, and I wouldn’t use that tactic on anyone.

Don’t forget, lots of network marketers build their network to include fellow network marketers. Well obviously, if they have all these friends from a particular make up company that they want to entice all their reps from, they are going to see so many they can even make themselves believe that that companies market is oversaturated!

For me the key things in my business are:

1. Do I love the products myself? Yes of course!

2. If I wasn’t in this business, would I reasonably be able to afford to use these products myself? Yes!

3. Is the product consumable? I’m sorry to disappoint all my wonderful friends who sell beautiful seasonal products and make most of their money at Christmas, but I want products that will run out and need re-ordering so that I have a consistent, regular and sustainable income stream. Yes!

4. What’s my Unique Selling Point? I mean let’s face it, there are tons of beauty companies out there for the work from home mum!

– Well of course, Acti Labs products are made in their own laboratory, cutting out all of the middle men, bringing cosmeceutical grade products to my customers at between 70-100% less than if they were bought by a comparable brand. I want my customers to be happy! Without them I have no business.

– No animal testing. I haven’t finished my article on animal testing but it is true that companies that have branched into China are required by law to test their products on animals. I absolutely do not want to play any part in that.

– Safety. I am too aware of the number of harsh chemicals that cause so many health problems on the regular market these days. Acti Labs products are all using science to get the very best out of NATURE! With the consumer always at the forefront of their mind, bringing the best, safe, quality ingredients.

– Is my product suitable for everyone? Well we have so many products, that there is something for everyone! EVERYONE brushes their teeth and washed their face right? But until they have tried my products they don’t always realise what a wonderful experience that can actually be!

– Working from home. And I mean I actually want to be at home when I work. Not walking the streets, dragging my kids around in the rain dropping off catalogues on the off chance I might get an order.

– Support! I’m a very active manager and Ambassador, but what happens if I have a life crisis? Who will support my team? Well I don’t know any other company that offers a support mechanism like Acti Labs! Not only do we have the corporate Ambassador support group, but our management team (including myself) are on hand to help answer questions, provide power hours and training. And with the new training system the introduction of daily training zooms this year, there’s no way anyone could have a worry over not being supported! And with our brand new ACCREDITED Ambassador training commencing next month where ambassadors have the opportunity to attend short courses and then qualify to be an Accredited Ambassador! This opportunity in itself boosts the credibility of each individual and their career with Acti Labs!

– Let’s stay with the life crisis scenario for a moment? What happens if my kids get sick and I am anchored down with a sick bucket looking after them and I haven’t had time to conduct a personal consultation to help my customer decide which products they need? With the launch of the new Acti Labs VIP system, all of that is taken care of by head office! How cool is that!!

So, is my company Over Saturated? NO! Is your company over saturated? Probably not! Your success with your company is down to you, but also down to the elements of the check list I explained above too. Follow your passion, love what you do and your customers will be attracted to that excitement and enthusiasm. But if they don’t need what you promote or can’t afford it, then hopefully they will come back when they can. But don’t let anyone tell you that your market is over saturated, they just want to recruit you! #truthbomb #keepitreal

That’s me for today, I hope you found this helpful. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Dionne 💋 xxx


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