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This is a common question I have when I discuss the 7 day shred and weight loss solutions with my clients.

The fact is that regardless of all the advice out there about cutting carbs from your diet altogether, I have never done this. I lost 3.5 stone (49lbs using Acti-Labs 7 day shred and our health supplements in 2015, but I can tell you that I wasn’t in a position to start cutting out carbs and getting hung up on meal prep!

I had already used another plan before and I felt chained to the kitchen, I was suffering with Post Natal Depression and a busy busy mum.

Plus – a lot of families rely on using carbs like pasta, rice and bread to bulk up the family meals so that they can keep to a sensible food budget!

Since following the 7 Day Shred and deciding that I needed to understand more about how this all works, I started to look into carb skipping and what this actually achieves.

Well the truth is that if you are very overweight with little physical activity then it does definitely benefit you to reduce your carbs SIGNIFICANTLY.

However, completely removing a particular food group from your diet causes problems when you introduce it back in, or cave into temptation. Let’s face it, most people who need to diet love food! I know I do!!

And in all honesty if I cut out bread or potatoes, even if I had the willpower to do it for a few weeks, I would eventually cave in. Why? Because I’m human that’s why! Who doesn’t love a bit of cake or a plate of chips?

I’m warning you, don’t trust people who don’t like cake 🤣.

Now when you come to re-introduce the food group to your diet that’s when you become unstuck and all your hard work can be reversed! Your body holds onto it because it’s scared it isn’t going to see it again in a while 😉.

The solution? Reduction rather than complete removal of food groups. One of our favourite family dinners is spaghetti bolognaise. I just reduce the amount of pasta I have rather than removing it completely 😉.

I do have carb free days, but I am the one in control. I do give into cake and chocolate… I actually use a cheat to help with that. I Silhouette Shot and reduce the potential damage.

I’m sorry if you have read this article expecting me to be a perfect health and fitness guru, but I’m just a real diet struggler that has found a solution. Hope you found this helpful 😘😘😘

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