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Body lotion might be the last thing on your mind during the hot and humid summer months, but trust us, it’s still very important. When you are outdoors, the heat, sun, and humidity can wreak havoc on your skin. Indoors, we have the effects of air conditioning which can create a cool, but dehumidified environment that can dry out your skin, making it look ashy, thin, and wrinkly. Using a daily body moisturizer can combat all of these effects.

Marine Collagen Body Lotion is a soft and fresh body lotion that tones the skin tissues and fades stubborn stretch marks, leaving the overall texture of your skin hydrated. A formula rich in regenerating and firming marine extracts which restore the skin’s youthful density and elasticity.

Healthy, moisturized skin reflects light more evenly, almost appearing to glow. Keeping your skin cells moisturised will also help your skin to stay plump and firm.

Don’t forget – a little really does go a long way! Cosmeceutical quality without the price tag, bringing you quality from the laboratory without the middlemen!

Find complete summer body confidence here!

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