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In the workforce, most industries rely on a strong leader.

In the corporate world where we are employed to do a job our leader is our go to for training and support.

In the network marketing industry, we are self-employed. We are business owners, we are not employed.

So, as a leader in the Network Marketing industry, it is important to remember that you are there to help your team and help them grow, which in turn helps grow your organisation. But you can not make them do something they don’t want to do. You are never going to discipline and sack them for not being good enough.

Rewind 16 years when I got my first leadership job in the corporate industry. I was excited, I felt proud, I was happy. I was a woman on a mission and I wasn’t stopping there… fast forward a few years and I had become complacent. Why? Because in the corporate industry salaries are paid in relation to the contract signed and the company want every penny they can bleed out of you for that salary! Your companies profits go down this year, what’s the first thing the company will do? Increase performance targets and look to get rid of the slowest! Even if it means telling people they spend too much time in the bathroom, or talking or going to the staff room to make drinks! Personally, I grew tired of that. I do agree with discipline and I am very self disciplined myself in the way that I run my Acti-Labs business and run my home. However, sometimes the rules in the corporate industry become way too much and you find yourself no longer leading, but instead dictating.

As I have explained in my previous blogs, I stepped down from a corporate management position in 2015 so that I could go part time and be at home more for my children. When I joined Acti-Labs, I didn’t initially have any desire to build a team. But it just kind of happened as I had customers who became team members to start with. I quickly realised that this was a whole new ball game….

We sell the opportunity as “No targets, no pressure” “sell to friends and family or market and promote to make a more substantial income” “the choice is yours!”

So when I network and chat to people I have gotten to know from other companies and they say things to me like “I sell a lot each month, but my team don’t do enough” or “my upline behaves like she owns me!” I sit here and roll my eyes and think ok what actually is the problem here?

There are a multitude of reasons why both from an upline and a downline perspective things aren’t working the way you want them to. Firstly, remember that you are not employed by the company you are representing. You are an Independant Representative of that company. Whilst there may be some rules within the contractual agreement to protect yourself and the company, in the same way that McDonalds or any other franchise has rules in their franchise contracts, you own your own business! With this in mind, remember that your downline are also not employed by your company or you!

How you lead, and how you put things to your downline can have a huge impact and bearing on how successful you will be growing your empire.

If someone comes to me and says they are not happy with the sales they made last month I will always set aside time to help them overhaul what they have been doing, what has worked for them, what hasn’t and give them some tips from me on what helps me sell. After all if I couldn’t sell, how could I possibly teach my team to?

I would never go to a downline and say “hey your performance was terrible last month, what are you gonna do about it?” After all, they are the ones in the driving seat. Some of them told me when they joined they will only be doing this as a little side hustle selling to friends and family. Who am I to go and make them feel completely shit for not doing any more?

Sometimes, I can have a team member who usually throws out loads of sales each month. Almost like a machine. They promote, people buy and their sales go up and up. Then they go quiet… well for most of my team I have gotten to know a lot of them on all generations of my downline organisation structure. Not all of them, because you do get the ones who don’t respond or don’t want to have a conversation with the manager who is 5 generations above them, but my point is I am not blinded by the front line, I work with and help everyone!

Well guess what, those who have gone quiet haven’t just got up one morning and decided they don’t want to earn any money any more. Or they can’t be bothered. Life has actually taken it’s toll and dealt them a tricky card. Last month alone in my downline organisation despite having the best month ever (because my business grows month on month) we had all sorts happen to individuals on my team. We had at least two with a close family bereavement, one death of a family dog, and even one team member who sold her house ready to move and then the purchase of the new place fell through and her and her family were left with nowhere to go! And I also observed two team members with family members battling very serious illness and them taking on the role of carer.

Does the fact they put their business on hold make them lazy? NO! It means that they are able to do exactly what the business says on the tin. They took some time to get through what was impacting on their lives. Most are back already, working again and much happier than they were last month.

Integrity in leadership is a big deal. It doesn’t matter if you have been through a certain situation yourself or not, it’s about whether you have the ability to put yourself in their shoes and even begin to imagine what they are going through. Everybody is different, and some of us are able to get on with everyday life when we have a load of other crap going on and some of us are not. Some of us battle with more than we ever let on to the public eye, some of us tell everyone about every little niggle and sneeze we have. What makes up the chemistry of one person is never the same for another. Likewise what makes up the thoughts and feelings of one person is never the same for the next. We are only human after all!

In essence, we have some people working their business earning a full time income and investing the time in it to do so, but we should never assume that because we want that, that everybody always will. Regardless of how great the opportunity is. Let them work to achieve what they want to achieve, and guide them to it.

Network Marketing is a beautiful industry, as long as we all continue to treat it that way!

I hope this helps anyone and everyone who is in the network marketing industry. I know I have a knack of being straight to the point but my integrity and want to help people makes me say it as it is! I will be following up with a lot more topics in the future, to help everyone, no matter what company you are representing.

Have a great weekend!

Dionne 💋 xxx

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