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Capill-Hair boosts hair growth, increase hair shaft diameter and helps develop stronger roots for fuller, healthier hair.

Thin hair is most often a result of hair follicles lacking access to the nutrients they need. Either by being blocked from them or by there simply not being enough of them present in your blood.

Capill-Hair works in 3 ways to combat this and restore the hair:

💜 Boosts the level of the hair nutrients in the blood.

💜 Boosts blood circulation to targeted areas of the scalp.

💜 Allows the follicles to regain access to more nutrients by inhibiting the DHT.

Used daily, Capill-Hair will increase the thickness and strength of existing hair follicles. It will not bring back to life a dead follicle.

Follicle Food is in a liquid “shot-like” vial which means we can get the nutrients into your body in not only a much stronger and pure form but also a lot quicker and more efficient way. You might want to think of Follicle Food as a next generation of Capill-Hair Capsules.

My personal results using Follicle Food:

Watch my video here, explaining how they work:

🎥 Acti Labs Follicle Food for Balding, Hair Loss, Damage, Extension Fix!

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