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Hey everyone,

I wanted to touch upon Laser Lipo. It’s HUGE in the beauty industry at the minute. With celebs running for a quick laser before a red carpet event, it’s got many people wondering……should I get it too?

A quick overview; Laser Lipolysis uses lasers to break fat cells apart, reducing the volume of fatty tissue. This process is also said to tighten the skin in the area where the treatment is applied. You may find that your skin is smoother and tighter than before.

Overall, laser lipolysis offers similar benefits to other fat removal procedures. The lasers used in this procedure are safe for clinical use and don’t pose a big risk of burning your skin. There’s little risk of infection to the treated area, and scarring is minimal.

It does have some advantages over cosmetic surgeries like liposuction. Lipolysis can be done in your doctor’s office. There’s also a shorter recovery period. You can usually resume your normal activities in a few days. By comparison, liposuction typically comes with a recovery period of several weeks.

The average cost of Laser Lipolysis is around $1700 (£1,400).

If laser is not your thing or maybe you don’t have the finances to shell out $1700, maybe you might want to look into Acti-Labs Lipo Fluid Wrap Kits. This is the first emulsion based product that uses Lipolysis effect.

Instead of using lasers to break down the fat cells, Lipo Fluid uses its’ clever micro-encapsulation system to penetrate into your skin and break down fat cells.

Are you going to get the same results as Laser Lipo by doing an “at home” Lipo Wrap?

No, of course you’re not. But it does do a similar job so if you’re committed and consistent with your wraps, you might achieve the results you’re looking for over a longer period of time.

At only $36.50 (£28) for approximately 6-8 applications…….you might want to give it a try before

handing over $£$£$ of your hard earned cash!

Buy it here: Wrap Kits

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