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Being an advocate for the products I promote means that I am an active user and lover of my products.  Hydraslim is no exception.  It is my go to daily supplement helping me to detox, but also helping me with anti-aging and vitamin boosting from within.

We do not make medical claims here at Acti Labs but I can tell you that since I started taking this in 2015, I’ve not had one water infection, kidney infection or kidney stone! I am a believer in natural remedies where possible and I also believe that we as a society are brain washed into thinking that prescribed chemical medicines are the best thing for us.  When in actual fact a lot of them do us harm.  Don’t get me wrong, some times you just have to see a doctor but for me, nothing I’ve had on prescription has helped with my kidney stones, endometriosis or polycistic ovarian syndrome. I am also now synced monthly and have a regular menstrual cycle.

I do a lot of research myself and have found many health benefits for each ingredient Hydraslim has in it.  Pure botanical goodness, I call this my magic juice 😊

💜 Hydraslim 💜 – The Health Benefits of Each Ingredient 👌🏻

Pure Acai Phenolics:

Weight Loss
Cardiovascular Health
Joint Health
Lowers Cholesterol
Anti-Cancer Benefits
Immune Function Enhancer
Energy Boost & Longevity


Improves Immune System Strength
Anti-Cancer Benefits
Lower Cholesterol
Protect against Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Attack and Artherosclerosis.
Improved Liver Health
Improves Digestive Health
Reduces Blood Pressure
Cures Hangovers

White Tea Leaf:

Aids Weight Loss
Antibacterial Properties
Antimicrobial Benefits protecting the body against disease
Improved Oral Health
Improved Cardiovascular Health

Green Tea Leaf –

Weight Loss
Oral Health
Bone Health
Heart Health
Blood Pressure Regulation
Blood Sugar Regulation
Cholesterol Resuction
Liver Function
Immune System Improved

African Mango –

Aids Weight Loss
Reduces Body Fat
Reduced Cholesterol
Reduced Leptin Levels

Black Radish Root –

Stimulates the Liver
Prevents Constipation
Treats Hyperthyroidism
Regulates Blood Pressure

Dandelion Leaf –

High in fibre
Contain vitamins C, B6, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Manganese
Nourishes Bones & Joints
Stimulates Urinary to promote cleansing

Ash Leaf Extract –

Anti inflammatory
Clears Intestinal Worms
Dissolve Kidney Stones
Aids Weight Loss
Treat Cancerous Development
Regulate Blood Sugars

Quackgrass Rhizomes:

Aids Digestion
Helps with Respiratory Disorders
Helps Urinary Disorders

Elder Flowers:

Help with Allergies
Contain Vitamin C
Maintain Healthy Sinuses
Helps stress
Helps skin irritations

Fennel Seed:

Remedy for flatulence & Indigestion

I also believe that Hydraslim is the key ingredient that pushed my metabolism and detox to help me lose 3.5 stone (49lbs) in 2015 because I tried every diet before and nothing would shift the weight.  Being toxified makes your body hold onto fat.  Hydraslim detoxes you.  It’s a lifestyle change, you just add it to your daily drink and off you go!

I will write an article soon on the 7 day shred and how that has changed my life too, but the key ingredient is this botanical beauty!

You can buy it here: https://acti-labs.com/me/dionne-ludford/nutriceutical-supplements/hydra-slim-preservative-free/

please do reach out to me for customer care, a personal consultation or no obligation advice if you need any assistance 😊

Dionne xxx


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