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Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog! I’m super excited to get started with this because I let’s just say have plenty to say about a lot of stuff lol.

Those who don’t already know me, or maybe you do but don’t know my story this is my life right now and how things have evolved in the last couple of years.

I was brought up in Barrow In Furness by my mother who was a single mum to myself and my sister.  I was actually born in London but after being left on her own with a young baby my mother moved back to her home town to be closer to her family and we stayed there ever since.

I live with my long term partner Stephen and we have 3 boys. 3 crazy boys! We love them more than anything in this world.  Things haven’t always been easy, and when our middle son was born he came

with a lot of health problems initially and now our main struggle is anxiety and developmental delays.  We even had tests for neurological issues last year which thank god came back negative.  He’s doing well, but our current frustration is the lack of services available to be able to help him with what he needs before he starts reception class in September.  He’s at a good school but there are a few departments short of staff in the NHS Just now so he’s on waiting lists for things like Physiotherapy.  That said we continue to do what we can at home and do everything we can to keep all the boys happy and settled.

So, historically my main employment has always been in the public sector working for various councils across the UK through a private company with local tax and benefits claims.  I was extremely career driven in my younger day, working every hour and travelling across the UK to help train people and set up new contracts.  Looking back, I believe this is because when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) I thought I may never have children of my own.

Fast forward to 2008, Stephen and I settled down and we were blessed with the arrival of our first son.  Then in 2014 our middle son arrived.  At the point of returning to work I could no longer agree to be able to work all those extra hours or travel as and when needed.  I needed to work part time and from home to be on hand in case there was an emergency issue with our then youngest son.  I stepped down from my managerial career because in order to go part time I could no longer fulfil that role and was told I needed to get another job in the organisation.

I did what was right for my family but with that came a drastic drop in income.  I not only lost the hours I had reduced my working week by but my pay per hour was now significantly less than it was before.  We had accumulated debts when I was on maternity leave and I had been diagnosed with Postnatal Depression. Things were tough! But hey they could have been a lot worse couldn’t they? Always think of your cup as half full as my mother taught me.

In April 2015 there was this crazy launch going on with a company called ActiDerm (now Acti Labs).  I was already involved in a hobby business selling children’s books but I wasn’t making much money at all, and my past endeavours in the health and beauty sector had been a complete and utter disaster! Walking the streets with catalogues, with hardly any pay from it.  The final straw was when I discovered that their products had been launched in China which meant that by law they had to be tested on animals – something which I am absolutely against.  But I have to say the harassment to place orders when you are giving birth or when your grandmother has just passed away so that you can make sure your account is kept at target had already driven me to a point of losing interest completely.

My friend told me about Acti and I told her to sod off! I asked how I could help her sales instead that month and she showed me her website.  Now I can be quite cunning, or I could at the time so I ordered a wrap kit.  You know these ridiculous wrap kits that claim to lose inches from your body and remove fat? Yes, I ordered one… with the intention of showing her that her credibility was being compromised by promoting such a ludicrous product!

The kit arrived, I lost 4 inches after the first wrap and each day for another two days I lost another two inches…. Stephen was my independent adjudicator and did the measuring for me.  Well I had to cough up! This product actually worked for me…. “Ria, what is this stuff?” So I ordered my kit with this amazing glittery purple bag and said I would give it a go! I sold £1066 in Product in my first month (I always remember that because it reminds me of the battle of Hastings).

I quickly realised I had found what I had been looking for all my life.  Not only was I earning money I was also part of a community and made so many friends that my PND symptoms started to ease.  My family and close friends will tell you that I completely changed that year.  I could still be a mum to my boys and still feel empowered and successful! My team has grown massively in the nearly three years I have been with Acti Labs and every day I enjoy what I do.  We have new product launches on a regular basis which brings excitement and happiness to so many people, but even getting new results of old products from customer makes me excited like its the first time I have seen it!

I have a low tolerance threshold for people who claim these work from home jobs don’t work.  They don’t work for you but as long as you work and you have an ethical brand of products that do what they say on the tin, everyone can succeed.  We cleared our debts and bought our first holiday home in the last couple of years.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, we earned it!

I work with some truly wonderful people who I am proud to call my friends, and I am successful and driven – Ding Dong got her mojo back!

Hiw do my kids deal with this? Well I’m forever trying to find my products because they are Acti-Addicts too and always telling everyone about it lol.  They love that I can be at home and on hand for them and they love to take over my phone calls to certain team members who have fallen for their cuteness!

I am a believer that everyone should feel comfortabke in their own skin.  That everyone should have the confidence in themselves to pursue their dreams.  That success only comes from sound ethics and everyone should have a fair chance.  I won’t do anything I don’t believe is morally correct or honest and my team know that regardless of their personal goal I will support them every step of the way.  For we are the #FiredUpNetwork – Fired Up, having fun and getting shit done!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I am looking forward to sharing valuable content on my blog about lots of things.  Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂 Dionne xxx










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